Monday, May 5, 2008

Chattanooga Tennessee

We spent the long weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I learned to never leave my house without my camera! We spent weekend with my mother-in-law for an early mother's day and had a wonderful home cooked meal and did some catching up.

Sunday morning we drove around since the weather was so fabulous. We drove to Lookout Mountain and it was so spiritual. Of course spiritual AFTER driving past the million dollar houses lining the landscape. We did a little hiking and admiring of the gorgeous rocks and countryside. It reminded me a lot of parts of Mountain Brook. Old homes with a lot of beautiful yardwork and old times floral gardens.

Since I am an obsessive trip planner, I picked up a few brochures and when we return we will visit the battlefields, caverns and of course, Rock City. There is some sort of River concert in June. May be a good time for a visit.

Riding Shotgun is great times for doing crafts. I made two more crochet tops for the dresses. I'll knock out another one tonight.

All the outdoor activities triggered a migraine and simple partial seizures and I've been feeling out of sorts since Sunday morning. I haven't left the house today and feel very anti-social and more inhibited than usual. Thankfully I don't work on Monday. And tomorrow I have one appointment and should be good enough to work. As you can read, I cannot follow thought processes through.

but the drugs are good!


Leigh said...

I love Chatanooga. I have alot of fmaily from there. Big Da nd I staye din a B&B in Fort Oglethorp called the Captains Quarters. Right behind it the Chickamauga Battlefield (search for it on my blog). Facinating place. You should try it out. House is very nice. Signal Mountain is pretty to drive and house look too. There is a good chocolate and coffee place downtown-and some cute antique stores downtown too. Most of my family is from and around Lookout Mountain. It will always be special to me. Beutiful!
Rock City is a must!

Leigh said...

Missed you last Thursday!
Dont forget the signs....
THANKS! I owe you!

Leigh said...

OK, where are you? Been missing you....